Alizée Lifestyle

Alizée Lifestyle is a full-service destination design and management company, offering bespoke travel services to individuals and enterprises. Our expertise lies in the planning and execution of travel anywhere, with 24/7 on-hand support while you’re on the ground.

The goal of Alizée was to bring to the Spanish market the know-how of offering a high quality & personalised services to people travelling from abroad, going the extra-mile to make it absolutely perfect, down to the smallest of details, in order to fulfil its clients’ expectations.

Alizée Lifestyle was founded in Barcelona in May 2012 by Audrey-Alizée Sicot; A French-Parisian living in Barcelona since 2005, who decided to share a love & passion for Barcelona, Ibiza and other places in Spain.

Today, Alizée Lifestyle is expanding throughout the world, providing the ultimate in lifestyle management services to its clients, with the goal of becoming the point of contact for its clients, anytime, anywhere.


The lifestyle management & concierge service industry has been expanding throughout Europe in recent years, arriving straight from cities such as New York & LA. These days, people have much less free time when it comes to planning & organising their private lives and holidays. Ultimately, they want the process to be as quick and efficient as possible, so that they can better spend their time on fully enjoying those special moments.

Technology advances have led to people being inundated with information, leaving them confused about what information is truly accurate. Each day, more and more people choose to leave recommendations and decisions about what they should do to their personal assistants & concierge services